What Is A Hood Extinguishing System?

Hood extinguishing systems are highly effective fire protection systems.

When fire is detected, system nozzles spray wet chemicals to cooking appliances, filters and hood chimneys.

Liquid chemical extinguishes flames and traps heat. It prevents the flames from reoccurring by creating a chemical reaction known as saponification.

When the system is actuated , the fuel connection of the cooking devices is automatically shut off.

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About HoodSafer

Hoodsafer was found by two technical experts that has been experienced in designing, manufacturing, R&D and marketing in different sectors, including the fire protection and prevention sector, for many years. It was established with the investment received from abroad.

The knowledge and experience blended with the experience of different sectors has revealed the world's first and only "hydraulic activated hood extinguishing system". Patent application for this new technique was made in the 4th month of 2020.

Since the first week of its establishment, it has received great appreciation and attention from its colleagues in the sector with its innovative system.

Hoodsafer aims to be the main supplier of the world's safest and simplest systems with its patented technique.

Our Mission

To design and supply the highest quality, most advanced and most economical systems in order to prevent losses.

Our Vision

To be one of the 10 most preferred suppliers by developing innovative products with a sense of mission.

Our Quality Policy

HoodSafer, has adopted the following items as its Quality Policy:
To meet the needs and expectations of the quality permanently by exchanging information and experience at the necessary level with all our relevant parties, especially our suppliers, employees, dealers and customers, who are always at our focal point,
The vision, mission, this quality policy, our strategic planning, our quality objectives at the relevant levels, etc. to create our business route in the appropriate term, taking into account,
To progress to a better point than the state of our organization a period ago
To continuously improve the efficiency of the resources used while ensuring the satisfaction of our interested parties,
To secure the health, safety, present and future of our employees; keeping its belonging at the highest level with the principle of transparent and fair management,
Making improvement activities the natural behavior of our employees
Keeping the team spirit at the highest level by working together regardless of the positions while implementing any activity.

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