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RSe electromechanical detection.png

Roomsafer Gaseous Fire Fighting Systems

 World’s first servo driven fire suppression system.
 Suitable for gas, wet chemical, foam or dry powder.
 Electronically actuation.
 Fast, precise and programmable electronic detection.
 Detection via electronic heat sensor.
 Detection via Roomsafer “R-Sense” electromechanical heat detector.
 Automatic and manual actuation.
 Can be controlled via fire alarm panel.
 Multi cylinder application up to 100 cylinders.
 Easy to install
 Simple volume calculation developed by Roomsafer.
 Easy to maintain and service.
• 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, 30 kg options.
• Single type 360o nozzle
• Low cylinder pressure ( 15 bar )

RSe electromechanical detection.png
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